What is Time Spent?

A series of letters exploring how we spend time, especially on news consumption + care work.

I’m also working on a book about this subject called Taking Back the News, which is a re-examination of what news is, why humans consume it at all and how we could change our relationship with it by getting a better grip on our motivations - ie: you can't expect a person to want to fact-check if they are having social needs fulfilled by their current media diet.

So far, writing Time Spent has been a really fun to way to process research, hear from readers and explore some of the tougher, more personal questions around our relationship to the news and self-care.

Here are some past posts you might want to read:

Who I am

After producing and consuming journalism for about a decade, I’ve come to view it as a mindset (and corresponding set of tools) for observing the world and listening to people that can be applied to virtually any situation. I’m currently trying to apply this mindset to my daily life. You can see the formal stuff here

Where to follow me

Time Spent is weekly letters and book developments. Twitter is links and excerpts from things I’m reading and watching. And Instagram is my creative space.

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